The items on this page are either complete and available immediately or, where stated they are images of materials I have in stock ready to be turned into your special item.

The JK Bespoke Desk Lamp


The desk lamp has quickly become a signature piece for JK Bespoke, these lamps are sold as created or as commissioned pieces to the clients measurements and or with their supplied timber.

Currently there are four lamps completed and in stock including the one shown which features a raw steel base, recycled Matai timber, twisted fabric cord and a brushed stainless locking handle. Along with the pictured lamp there are also a similar lamps in Rimu and Silver Birch and one in salvaged River Totara (estimated to be at least 800 to 1000 years old) with a black steel baes and locking handle. Pictures or the these lamps are available please ask.
With the base 200mm high and the arm a full 600mm this lamp is priced at $560.00.

Macrocarpa Side Table


This side or hall console table measures approximately 1500mm long x 280mm wide and 760mm high. The top is a particularly nice high grain Macrocarpa, straight cut along one length it has a natural front edge. A repaired chainsaw cut fixed with timber from the same slab and a resin filled bark rift give the top character and the natural bees wax and oil finish brings out the grain highlights. Sitting on a light square section raw steel base this table can be yours for $800.00.

The Theatre Royal Glass Top Console Table


Possibly my most unique creation to date this table is without doubt one of a kind.

Featuring one of my very limited Rimu beam sections from the Theatre Royal in Nelson the design and proportions of this table were totally controlled by its timber.

Built in 1878 and still in use today Nelson's Theatre Royal is an outstanding example of our countries early architectural and theatrical history. The section of Rimu beam in this table, used “as found”, was part of the buildings original frame work, it was removed during renovations in 2008 having supported the theatre for 130 years and features two mortice and tenon joints as used in early construction methods.

The steel base, angled to fit the beam, is finished in black as is the steel support for the cantilevered 1 meter x 300mm toughened clear glass top.

Photos do not do this piece justice. Though the remaining 3 sections of beam will, in time, create larger pieces I believe this table will become the iconic piece of the Theatre Royal collection and it is a piece I am proud to have created.

Priced at $2200.00 this very special piece of our history would be a show piece in any situation.

The JK Bespoke Balance Lamp

balance lamp


Quickly becoming another signature design piece the JK Bespoke Balance Lamp is a tall floor lamp approximately 185 cm to the top of the wheel made from steel, wood and bronze (other metal options are available) and is an ideal reading lamp. The “head unit” of the lamp slides freely up and down the stand and when stopped is held in perfect balance by the beautifully elegant bronze counter weight. Though the design of each lamp is repeated each unit is individual due to it's timber elements. Currently priced at $1350.00 each the Balance lamp is an elegant addition to any room.

The JK Bespoke Block Lamp


Currently I have in stock the right hand lamp created from solid Rimu salvaged from the dismantled 1930's Ascot Stand at the Awapuni Racecourse. Finished in our in house Manuka Hive Bees Wax all the block lamps use high quality English lamp holders and are of course independently electrically tested and tagged for your safety and peace of mind. New versions of the block lamp are created from time to time if you are interested in an alternative to the stocked item please contact me

JK Bespoke Block lamps Range from $200.00 depending on the timber used.

Matai Floorboard Lamp



As the name suggests this tall elegant lamps body was made from a single piece of recycled Matai floorboard combined with a particularly good dark piece of Matai sarking timber for the base.

Measuring 780 mm (78 cm) high with a base 220 mm square this quietly stylish lamp is sold

The Ascot Tall Lamp



Part of JK Bespokes Ascot collection the single piece of Rimu from which this light is crafted was salvaged from the Ascot Stand at the Awapuni racecourse in Palmerston North (NZ). Believed to have been constructed in the 1930's (records on this are a bit vague) the stand served generations of racing enthusiasts well until its demolition just a few years ago.

Measuring just a little under 1.1 meters high and 10cm x 15cm this minimalist light would, on or off, be a showpiece in any residential entry or commercial foyer. (due to its base dimensions at 10 x 15cm I recommend this unit stand on a hard surface like tile, concrete or timber it is not suited to carpet or other soft flooring)

With it's history and style this one off piece is priced at $980.00