This page features some of the lights I have made for clients so far, it is by no means the full range of possible designs and custom work is always welcome.

Although the process and the materials make each light unique the basic designs on this page are all reproducible.

IMG_4746 (2).jpg

Created from solid timber these bar pendants are available in a range of timbers both native and exotic, they can be made to any length and finished at any stage from natural timber to the 'polished' finish shown.

Over Table Bar Pendant

Made for an electricians own home this stunning light was created from client supplied Totara Planks laminated together to form a single piece of timber to compliment both the table and the space.

Desk Lamp 4.jpg

Based on the timeless elegance and simplicity of mid century design this JK Bespoke desk lamp is, like all my lights available in a range of native or exotic timbers. Each lamp features the beautiful brushed stainless adjustment handle, and uses a locally made led light. The base shown here in a raw steel can be finished in any colour.


A variation of the standard JK Bespoke desk lamp this pair, made to order for a client as bedside lamps are taller than normal to allow the light to reach above pillows and feature timber supplied by the client.


Originally designed as a suspended bedside lamp this light is available in either native or exotic timbers and could be used in a range of situations, perhaps as a spot to highlight a particular feature or as a fixed reading light over a favourite place. Shown here with an elegant black switch the light looks equally special fitted with a timeless string or chain pull switch.

Ascot RimuBedside lamps.jpg

With a slim steel base finished here in black (available in any colour) and a solid native or exotic timber body this lamp design could be made at almost any height. These lamps are fitted with top quality imported English “S. Liley and Sons” Edison screw in lamp holders, they are fitted either with inline cord switches or with a “toggle” type switch mounted on the lamp body. Each unit comes with 2 shade rings to allow fitting your choice of shade.

The pair shown feature native Rimu timber salvaged from the now demolished Ascot stand at the Awapuni race course in Palmerston North (NZ).

Matai Bench Light c.jpg

This very simple though elegant block lamp quietly adds a certain style to any room. Made from a simple piece of timber, in this case a piece of recycled native Matai floor joist they can be finished at any point from natural to the partly “polished” version shown here. Fitted with high quality imported English lamp holder this unit can be produced in any size and can be fitted with a single or multiple lamps. The lamps feature a simple black toggle switch and are supplied with 2 shade rings.



JK Bespoke's unique variation on the chandelier can be made with any number of drops and in any format from straight lines to clusters. The lights are also available as single drops. In the piece shown each recycled Matai drop measures just 30 mm square and 250 mm long.



Quickly becoming another signature design piece and known as the JK Bespoke Balance Lamp this tall floor lamp (approximately 185 cm to the top of the wheel) made from steel, wood and bronze is an ideal reading lamp. The “head unit” of the lamp slides freely up and down the stand and when stopped is held in perfect balance by the beautifully elegant bronze counter weight.

3 Langston Silver Birch lights.

A new client, having seen some of my lights contacted me recently, they had to remove an estimated 90 year old Silver Birch from their back yard, the tree had been loved by all in the home and sections of it were saved and set aside for future use. My commission was to make 3 "matching" JK Bespoke desk lamps from a section of the tree to be given to each of their 3 sons in NZ, Australia and the UK. Upon seeing these 3 lights the clients requested a 4th to keep for themselves in their home.

I am fortunate to have obtained some of this surprisingly beautiful timber for stock, keep an eye on the showroom page for a limited number of future Langston Silver Birch Items


The first of a very special collection of pieces this lamp is created from the smallest of our very limited number of solid Rimu beam sections from the Theatre Royal in Nelson.

First built in 1878 and still in use today the Theatre Royal is an iconic piece of both architectural and cultural history.

This timber was part of the original 1878 construction and was removed after 130 years during renovations in 2008, the square hole in the piece is part of one of the original mortice and tenon joints holding the building together.

Measuring 520mm high (plus bulb and any shade you fit) this light sold at a Wellington Home show