Like the lights the furniture items on this page are all reproducible though the use of natural or engineered timber makes each item unique.


This is an entry table made especially for this entrance in an award nominated private home. The table features engineered tussock wood with a waterfall end and a raw steel leg.

Matai meeting table

At 2.7 meters long this is quite a table, it was made from a single section of Matai floor, salvaged from a demolished house the table retains it's original joists and nails. The edging is recycled Matai decking and the legs are 100 x 50mm steel finished in Satin black. Created to be displayed at the Manawatu Home show the table sold and is now the meeting and work table for a local writers group. Its presence at the show has resulted in a number of commissions including the desk also on this page.

Bespoke 004.JPG

This is a commissioned and gifted piece I am particularly proud of, a couple close to my heart were expecting their first child and approached me to create something special. This cot is hand crafted from recycled and reworked native floorboards and steel combined with Totara cut many years ago from the farm of close and now sadly deceased friend of both myself and the babies mother. The baby is a boy who now sleeps happily in his cot that, for me at least, has become the holder of future hope and a lasting memory of a lost friend.

Miro stone table.jpg

This is the Miro and Stone Table, for me it was a show piece and a feature of my furniture to date, the centre is Dekton engineered stone with waterfall ends to match the depth of the slabs of native Miro timber originally salvaged from the Whanaganui River. At 2.5 meters long and averaging 90cm wide this is truly a statement piece.


This commissioned piece made from reclaimed native Matai floor joists and an industrial finish steel base was created for the client to enhance and compliment the Matai feature pendant light shown in the lighting gallery.

Matai 2 draw desk

Another commissioned piece this desk was created from a complete section of late 50's early 60's Matai floor salvaged from a dismantled house it retains not only the original floor joists underneath but also the very nails driven by the homes builders. Edged in recycled Matai decking boards the desk has two felt lined draws and stands on 100 x 50mm satin black steel legs.

If Matai is not you choice we have access "at times" to other similar floors in Kauri, Rimu and Tawa

River Totara Coat Rack 2.jpg

River Totara Coat Rack 3.jpg

Coat and hat racks are something I have made a few of, this one features a natural edge River Totara base thought to be 600 years old and rail line screws reclaimed from the upgrades main trunk line.


Something a little different is this bespoke steel and timber fire guard, it was a commissioned piece built to a specific design and finish supplied directly by the architect client.



From time to time I make what I call Memento or Jewelry boxes, some are simple boxes, some have trays and some have been known to feature secret compartments. These boxes make great gifts and are ideal for personalising with the addition of laser engraved names or designs.